Develop a Lead Generation Strategy for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

When you need help with lead generation marketing, you should identify several of the most respected lead generation companies. That way, you can identify the right company for creating your digital campaign that includes both online and offline lead generation strategies. The goal in researching the best lead generation companies to narrow down your choice to the one that can provide you with appropriate services for a successful campaign.

For the most part, the best lead generation companies take a similar approach to generating leads for a digital marketing campaign, although you might notice some differences. For a successful campaign, top-rated companies typically use the following online and offline lead generation strategies.

Offline Strategies

• High-Performing Sales Reps – Typically, a team of high-performing sales reps that work strictly off commissions will outperform full-time reps on a paid salary.

• Referral Networks – You can tap into networks of business owners and refer work to your current customers. This strategy is great for building strong business relationships that benefit both parties.

Online Inbound Marketing Strategies

For lead generation, both inbound and outbound efforts are necessary. For inbound marketing, your current customers and prospects want content that is compelling, informative, problem-solving, and engaging, whether on your website or social media platforms or in blogs and articles. Outstanding content also helps build trust, which turns into loyalty. To target the right audience and encourage sharing, an expert will optimize your content with links, keywords, meta descriptions, and more.

Online Outbound Marketing Strategies

While inbound marketing services are ideal for numerous lead generation activities, outbound strategies work to support and amplify the inbound efforts while targeting specific opportunities. An email campaign is one example of an outbound marketing strategy. Through emails, you can promote a new product or service, maintain contact with current customers and prospects, inform people of an upcoming event, and more.

Other examples of outbound marketing techniques include:

Display Ads – These ads target behavioral actions or various demographics.
Pay Per Click – PPC ads help boost search engine rankings.
Content Syndication – With this strategy, you can establish an online presence where prospects are most likely to show up.
• Hosted Events – These events include tradeshows, webinars, and private functions.

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Develop a Lead Generation Strategy for Your Digital Marketing Campaign