10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes That You Are Doing

A responsive web design company provides multiple services. Near the top of the list is mobile SEO, which helps streamline online activity for people who use mobile devices and increases profits for online businesses by making them easier to find and more accessible. According to a top responsive web design firm, some designers are overzealous in their efforts, which leads to mistakes. If you want to make sure your site is mistake-free, hire a reputable mobile website design company.

1.    No Analytics for Tracking Conversions – Mobile SEO increases the flow of traffic to your website and boosts your conversion rate. However, unless analytics are used to track keywords and make comparisons, there is no way to identify what is converting.

2.    Wrong Optimized Keywords – Wrong optimized keywords include generic keywords with no value, global keywords for a locally based company, over-competitive keywords, and so on.

3.    Overlooking Local Searches – Although local searches are critical, they are often overlooked as part of mobile SEO. By focusing on local consumers, you will see an increase in the number of new prospects via a mobile device or in your brick-and-mortar business.

4.    No Unique Meta Descriptions or Title Tags – Poorly written, irrelevant, and stagnant meta descriptions and title tags lead to huge missed opportunities since searchers have no clue what your business is, does, or offers.

5.    Forgetting Anchor Text for Internal Links – To effectively increase the number of clicks, an anchor text is required for internal links.

6.    Link Quantity over Link Quality – The quality of your links is always more important than the quantity.

7.    Identical Anchor Text – The same anchor text should never be used for every link. Instead, switch things up with different anchor text for links to a page.

8.    Posting Bad Content – Using poor-quality content is a surefire way to fail. Whether as a landing page, blog, article, advertisement, promotion, or video, content must be well written, informative, relevant, and useful while solving a problem.

9.    Using Content that is Not Link Worthy –To encourage people to visit your site, the content must be link-worthy. This entails focusing on things like infographics, top lists, and text and video tutorials.

10.    Overlooking the Value of Great Design for Links – Without a great design for your links, your business comes across as having no authority of your domain.

As a top-rated responsive website design company in Canada, our team of experts at MacRAE’s Marketing can help you fix mobile SEO mistakes and with additional optimization needs. For assistance, call us or visit our website.

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10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes That You Are Doing

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