4 Ways in Which Social Media Marketing Boosts Your SEO


While Google has not come out and actually said that social media can influence rankings, the fact of the matter is that experience has shown that engaged content tends to be more valuable in terms of SEO than other types of content. Given that Google’s algorithm is geared toward finding and rewarding high-quality, useful content, that only makes sense. Strong social signals indicate that your content is of high quality and worthy of reading. Investing in social media management services can help you to develop the type of social media content that can boost your SEO. Below, we explore exactly how social media marketing can impact your search engine optimization.

Social Media Offers Validation for your Content’s Value

  • As previously mentioned, perhaps one of the best benefits of working with top social marketing companies to develop a strong social media marketing campaign is that doing so can provide search engines like Google with validation of your content’s value. Social media marketing provides another excellent way to make a case as to why your content should be ranked highly.

Original Source: http://blog.macraesmarketing.com/professional-seo-services-can-help-with-launch-of-new-microsoft-bing-ad-bots-for-managing-campaigns

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4 Ways in Which Social Media Marketing Boosts Your SEO

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