How to Improve Social Engagements in Mobile Applications

Not receiving the amount of social engagements you would like for your mobile app? If so, read on for tips to help you boost engagement in the realm of social media.

1.    Make Sure your Application Is Built to Rely on Social Collaboration
Apps that have an inherent social architecture have a much higher chance of being shared than those applications that do not. What makes an app social? It requires some type of social interaction in order to work. For instance, the app might require users to challenge and invite others via social channels in order to function. The core of this type of app is for users to invite others, which ensures users promote your app in the process.

2.    Incorporate a Social Login
It can be quite beneficial to incorporate a social media channel login for your application. Not only does this provide users with the convenient benefit of not having to remember a password to log in, it also can help your app gain more exposure if a user shares your app or his or her in-app activity.

3.    Enable Social Sharing
If you have not enabled social sharing within your app, you are likely missing a lot of opportunities for social engagements. The key to making this work is balance. Take care not to make social sharing within your app too excessive or overbearing. Instead, incorporate social sharing only in logical places within your app.

4.    Give Users Incentives to Share Your App
Give users a reason to share your app or invite others to use it. This can often be accomplished by offering irresistible deals, such as credit or discounts for inviting a certain number of friends to sign up. By getting a little creative, you will discover there is a wide array of ways you could encourage users to share your app on social media.

5.    Leverage Content Marketing
Content can be just as powerful for increasing awareness for your app in the world of social media as it is in other areas of online marketing and social media management services. Work to create high-quality content on a consistent basis that will help your app to gain visibility. Doing so will help to keep users not only interested but also engaged. A continual flow of quality content can also help drive organic to your app’s page, thus increasing awareness and users.

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How to Improve Social Engagements in Mobile Applications

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